What are Edge Cities, and Why do they Matter?

Carolinas Chapter of CRE presents
"What are Edge Cities and Why do they Matter?"
May 19th, 2014

An edge city in the United States of American is a general term defining a concentration of businesses, retail, residential as well as entertainment venues that lies outside of a traditional downtown city center. Edge Cities usually are developed in former residential districts, the outskirts of a county, or rural areas of a city. The term, Edge City - was popularized in the book Edge City: Life on the New Frontier by Joel Garreau (1991).

The Carolinas Chapter of CRE presented a special luncheon to showcase an example of what is right in U.S. urban development. The Carolinas Chapter of The Counselors of Real Estate along with The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Presented this important panel discussion on May 19 2013.

The noted panelists were Hugh Kelly, PhD, CRE, NYU's Clinical Professor of Real Estate, Schack Real Estate Institute and National Chair of The Counselors of Real Estate. Mitch Silver, the former Raleigh Chief Planning Officer and Past President of the American Planning Association and currently the NYC Director of Parks & Recreation. John Kane, President and CEO of Kane Realty, the developer of North Hills and in a larger sense, the catalyst for the new Mid Town Neighborhood. Loren Kennedy, Founder & Principal of Kennedy Advisors,LLC and intermediary or consultant in $57 million in urban public private partnerships was moderator.

The cities where CREs are located in the Carolinas include Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Davidson, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem in North Carolina, and Charleston, Clemson, Columbia, Greenville, Mt. Pleasant, Rock Hill, and Tega Cay in South Carolina.

Event Panelists

High Kelly - CRE, Ph.D.
NYU's Clinical Professor of Real Estate. Dr. Kelly is the national Chair of The Counselors of Real Estate. His deep research into the makeup of 24 Hour Cities has been widely published. Some of his findings will surprise you.

Mitch Silver - Raleigh's Chief Planning & Economic Development Officer and New York City's Parks & Recreation Director.
He is the Past President of the American Planning Association and is nationally recognized for his contributions regarding contemporary city planning issues.

John Kane Chairman & CEO Kane Realty Corporation.
John is well on his way to orchestrating a new neighborhood with investment approaching $2 billion. To date, he has 1,000,000 sf. of retail, 500, 000 sf. of offices, 1,400 residential units, and two hotels with 400 rooms. John is quick to point out that there is more to come.

Loren Kennedy, CRE Founder & Principal, Kennedy Advisors, LLC.
Loren's career as intermediary or consultant in urban development has included roles in the American Tobacco Project and Progress Plaza. He is a big fan of North Hills and frequents it as much as he does downtown Raleigh.

Event Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Edge Cities luncheon and thought the topic and panelists were excellent." - John Lucas, CEO Link Alliance

"This edge cities topic is central, in my view, to a smart solution to the mistakes the U.S. has made in how it has grown for the last 60 years. The dramatic impact that a mixed use center like North Hills has as a new version of live-work-recreate center is dramatic. The Carolinas Chapter of CRE was pleased to have the luncheon co-presented by the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce." - Loren Kennedy, Chair, Carolinas CRE and Founder & Principal Kennedy Advisors, LLC

"The lunch and discussion was really worthwhile on every level. All three panelists held their own and had different perspectives and insightful observations." - Jennifer Parser, Poyner Spruill, Attorney at Law, LLP


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